Thursday, May 20, 2010

Misty Mundae and Seduction Cinema

Misty Mundae AKA Misty Munday, Erin Brown (claimed real name), Erin DeWright (real name), Sadie Lane. Has appeared in X-rated and R-rated movies and TV-series. All of them are pretty bad unless you have no taste like me. Fan favorites are Lord of the G-String (a Lord of the Rings parody) and SpiderBabe (Spiderman parody).

Video - Her Dad's Mummy - soft X.

Skinstant Classic: Misty Mundae and Seduction Cinema - Funny blooper videos are here

Beginnig of her most explicit scene

Part two. She is with her then boyfriend.

There are two versions of that scene - both end just before the cum shot.

Recently she has worked on Cinemax's softcore Lingerie series. Here is a Mundae video which is as explicit as Lingerie gets.

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