Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Male coming twice within a few minutes

I had seen this before in sex videos and the secret both times were vigorous good handjobs and the male getting visually very simulating views.

I once had a similar double orgasm with the first orgasm being from scissors position intercourse but in a somewhat uncomfortable awkward position so my climax felt incomplete and the second within a few minutes from a combination of hand and oral sex where my lover was in an awkward position against the wall off the bed but which I thought was visually very stimulating.

I remember thinking God I am fucking you in your mouth and your hands are stoking it out of me and your tits and face are so beautiful and I am going to come again.

Here is a bonus of someone else who really knows what she is doing.

Busty babe gives a POV handjob brought to you by PornHub

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