Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rovian Tactics Being Used to Promote Voter ID Bill

This was just too convenient - A KPRC news crew happened to be at the GOP Harris County clerk's office and spotted a stack of fraudulent voter applications. These were sent from El Paso and were all trying to register people with similar names to a non-existent Houston address. This is at a time of heavy debate on voter ID bills in Austin. These were immediately caught under existing procedures but the FAKE applications showing BLACK for race and DEMOCRAT for party get flashed on the TV screen. Voter registration forms for Texas don't even have a race and party space.

Karl Rove when he was running campaigns in Texas once faked a wiretap he said was planted in his office to gin up a race. Who ginned up the fake voter applications?

The Voter ID provisions being debated in Austin disenfranchise minorities and the elderly and are illegal under federal law as requiring monetary expenditures to obtain ID to be able to vote, a back door poll tax.

The first time a person votes using a mail registration they are already required to provide photo ID in Texas. I know, I am working next Saturday as a poll judge.

In other local political news we finally have a good candidate running against local state senator Mike Jackson in 2008.

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Matt said...

They're a backdoor poll tax because you might have to spend some money to dig up ID?

That's quite a stretch. After all, drivers licenses cost money, and no one seriously suggests that motor-voter is a backdoor poll tax.