Monday, April 14, 2014

Collection of great climaxes

Some of the best sex I ever had with one lover were combination blow jobs and hand jobs where she finished up by swallowing the cum.  It was neater that way. The handjobs provided better control and tightness and the mouth provided lubrication. And then climaxing in her mouth was a great finish. I was fortunate she didn't mind the taste of cum  Fantastic.  

I did like sex when I was inside her while she climaxed but that was more difficult because like most women she could not climax through intercourse alone, she needed her clitoris also being stimulated.  

And the very best part of sex for me has always been watching women very aroused or climaxing. I got a great feeling of accomplishment, of love, of appreciation of great beauty, and experienced my own physical arousal.  

Still, I got my most physical pleasure from the hand jobs with heavy mouth involvement and climaxing in her mouth with her tight hands around my cock. Watching her arousal and pleasure were lesser physical pleasures for me and a more emotional pleasure.

▶ Mouth Cum Compilation - Part 1

There are more compilations there at Pornhub.  I should also see if I can find a compilation of great women climaxes.

And here one is:

▶ MOM Mature women having orgasms

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