Monday, May 25, 2015

The Newer View

Of course also not safe for work or for those who object to explicit sex.

For some reason I thought of this video porn as the pilot of a 21st century TV show. Girls get together to talk about sex and various topics while masturbating.
That network would also have Short Attention Span Theater Amateur Porn from movies. But perhaps ten minutes is the new moderate attention span. We Be Porno Amateurs. The next segment is bringing her to a real orgasm in three minutes.

Real Texas Girls Play Outside.
As a sex tip I would like to point out that bringing her to orgasm manually or orally and then having vaginal penetration sex is recommended for learning about multiple female orgasms or Extended Sexual Orgasms. Guys are at their peak of experiencing pleasure just seconds before orgasm so they should approach that point but not go over but girls can still experience great pleasure right after a orgasm, as long as you avoid the too sensitive clitoris for a while, and the pleasure they are experiencing can bring them to orgasm again and with practice this can become one long extended orgasm.

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