Monday, July 03, 2006

This Girl's Life (2003)

Recommended as a female version of Boogie Nights with better acting but a weaker plot.

I notice that a certain maturity seems to
be required to appreciate the film as it presents more than one-dimensional characters in a controversial subject area. Many actions can also be interpreted more than one way.

It is the story of Moon, a veteran porn star who is becoming well known after 5 years of movie and Internet action, and her life which is more than being a porn star.

There are many scenes of the porn industry presented in a matter of fact fashion. Viewers may have different moral or ethical judgments or opinions about character motivations.

James Woods plays Moon's "Pop" suffering from Parkinson's in an excellent portrayal. Other porn stars have guest appearances. Juliette Marquis is excellent and beautiful.

Recommended for mature adult and broad minded viewers.

A theme brought up in the beginning of the movie of the difference between men and women is explored in the later half of the movie as she starts a sexual infidelity investigation service.

The basic question toward the end of the movie is rather she should continue her porn career when a boyfriend and the other career opportunity offer alternatives.

Not recommended - My Big Fat Independent Movie even if you have seen all or most of the Indy films you need to get the parodies.

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