Friday, June 02, 2006


I am always tempted to write dreams as dreamz. It seems more fun, more hip, more California, more liberal. The z on the end is even sexier.

This is a more personal entry about my dreams lately.

Several days ago I was very tired. But then I was on a date with my sexy friend and I was kissing and putting my hand around her waist and waiting for a more secluded place to cup her breasts and feel her nipples and feel them get hard. We were outside near a field and she was wearing a flowery yellow sundress.

I said "I love you."

She ran away a little and said "That is only because I am not wearing any underwear. She turned and started running and flipped up her dress in the back to show it was true as I started running after her. She was fun and sexy and had a really cute ass.

... as my alarm which I had miss set (shouldn't that be one word like misspell?) went off and I discovered I had only been asleep for just over an hour.

My dream self is living its own much better romantic life and can't wait for me to drop off to sleep!

I am over at my brother and sister-in-law's around lunch time. It is near Valentine's Day and he isn't having a party that Thursday but is the following day. Somebody else in my family is going to have a boring Valentine's Day party which I have to go to but my brother's party will be the good one. There are about ten people there, mostly women. Mostly beautiful women. Mostly lesbian.

My brother comes home for lunch and discovers I am plugging in extension cords to arrange the stereos and set up party lights. He goes and hugs his wife and is only mildly annoyed I am messing up his living room a day in advance. I look around at all the beautiful women and smile.

I like lesbians because I know everything that is done to them in bed by other women during sex I also like to do. And just before, during or after a woman climaxes I can slip my warm and hard penis into her wet love box. Women like something like my penis to clamp down on during orgasm while being held by someone who loves them. I have been told this. While I am not as pretty as another woman I am friendly and I only slip my penis in women when they appreciate it. While I am thinking this and I am going to open my mouth and expound on this theory I wake.

I didn't say "I wake up" because both of these dreamz have been downers for me. I wake down.

My dream self has a much better life than I do right now. In many ways my life now is similar to but worse than my being back in college when I had little money and before I had a girlfriend. I seem to have duplicated my social life from college with a lot of female friends -- all of whom are involved with someone. That is good if I also had one or more romantic friends. Today is worse than the college years because, through my own fault, I have made no progress in thirty years. No progress on the relationship front and none on the "what do you do" front.

Is there an evolutionary biological component that women don't want a man who only slips his penis in them when they appreciate it? Does biology make them want a man who sticks it in even when they don't want it? Does evolution explain their attraction to bad boys and very successful jerks? Some people think so.

This is related to a future post that will be about my succeeding at a goal I had set for myself of giving an orgasm to my partner every time we had sex for over two years and the mistake that was.

Dreamz should not be passive but active - if your dream self is having a better life than you decide on what to do to change that. What things are you willing to change to have the life of your dreamz? What changes am I willing to make?

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